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Moving on from Chapel Green

Supporting your young people to make decisions about the next steps in their lives can be challenging, confusing and concerning. I have put together the following information to help – but I know that you will undoubtedly have other questions, too. I’m here to help, so please do get in touch!

Careers and transitions lead – Vicki Jeffery vjeffery@chapelgreenschool.org.uk

The information below gives you some examples of possible placements your young person may like to consider. Please be aware that most college placements are three days a week only, unlike school, and you may wish to consider a day service to run alongside. In addition to the suggestions below, some young people may move to a residential placement where bespoke provision is often offered, taking their interests and needs into account.


What do you need to do now?

Futures Interviews

Most of our pupils finish at Chapel Green School at the age of 19 (end of Key Stage 5). However, for some, provision elsewhere at an earlier stage might be a better option and this is something important to discuss with us. Impartial careers guidance, provided by me (Level 6 qualified), encourages parents/carers and the young people themselves to consider what is important to them now and in the future, using these things and any concerns to provide a range of possible scenarios that would work for the individual and their families or carers. To arrange a Futures Interview, please email me and we will organise a mutually convenient time to chat.

Transition Plans

From Year 9, all students along with staff who know them well and parents/carers begin to create a Transition Plan. This gathers information about the student, their home, relationships, medical needs, education and ambitions for the future. 

Annual Reviews

Annual reviews are a great opportunity to discuss transition. All young people complete a transition plan in school along with adults who know them well and with input from their families/carers. This can be a useful piece of information, too, offering details about a young person’s hopes and ambitions.

Meet Providers

An array of providers are invited to attend certain events at Chapel Green. Pop along when one is happening and have a chat to find out more about what they offer.

Open days and evenings are fantastic opportunities for seeing possible post-CGS provision. We will provide information about these on our termly Futures Newsletters and through additional communication, if necessary. In our 14-19 department, we offer regular opportunities for young people to visit a range of educational, day service and employment providers, too. Check out entries on Earwig to find out what your young person’s verdict was!


Once you and your young person have decided on a pathway that suits them well, I can support you with making an application to your chosen places. Of course, if you would prefer to do this independently, that is also an option. 

Extra Support

Where extra support is needed for the transition process, you may be allocated a Preparing for Adult Life (PfAL) practitioner. A social worker can make this referral or we can do this for you. Find out more about the PfAL service in Norfolk here


The TITAN (Travel Independence Training across Norfolk) 'Ready to Go' programme offers some of our students support to help them to become confident independent travellers; for others, it increases awareness of making journeys and staying safe within the community, amongst many other things.

The six areas of the TITAN 'Ready to Go' programme are:

  • Pedestrian Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal, Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Problem Solving
  • Journey Planning
  • Journey Practice

At Chapel Green School, the official TITAN programme is offered to a large proportion of our students within upper school, and we have also developed our expected outcomes for some of our other students. Additionally, travel training-related skills are developed within all six areas from the moment our children begin school, building the important foundations of safe travel.

For whom it is appropriate, we offer TITAN on a 1:1 basis alongside work experience. Our school job coach meets the student at their home, supporting them to make the journey to the train station and the subsequent train journey to Attleborough. The student then takes part in work experience for the day, followed by travelling home. Throughout the day, there are regular opportunities to informally assess the student’s level of knowledge, skills and understanding.

Prior to moving to a new placement, some students will be offered the opportunity to have a TITAN buddy to practise travelling to and from the new provision using public transport, where applicable. This requires an application to be made to the TITAN team at Norfolk County Council, which we can support.

For further information about TITAN, please refer to the official fact sheets.

Careers/Work Related Learning

For information about Careers and Work-Related Learning, please refer to our dedicated curriculum page.

If you seek further information or guidance, please feel free to contact our Careers Lead and Guidance Adviser, Vicki Jeffery, via email: vjeffery@chapelgreenschool.org.uk