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Rose Hub is part of The Hub provision at Chapel Green School. Hub pupils have an individualised support package in place. They may be based in a class with support from The Hub in the form of advice and staffing, they may be based in The Hub full time or they may spend some of the week in class and some of the week within The Hub. 

Pupils receiving support from The Hub have sensory or social and emotional needs which mean they show behaviours that require additional support beyond what is available within the classroom. Within Rose Hub we have access to a quiet area, sensory space, weekly flexi-bounce sessions and weekly sessions in the hydrotherapy pool . 

Rose Hub pupils are mixed age (KS2 & KS3) and ability. We follow a class timetable allowing opportunities for broad curriculum coverage as well as sensory and social skills opportunities built in to our timetable daily.

Their individual planning is led by their needs and their interests and will look different for each child within The Hub. 

The aim for pupils within The Hub is that they are supported and transitioned back into classes as quickly as it is appropriate to do so. Some pupils needs may mean that they remain more permanently within The Hub. 

Please read our Spring 2024 Newsletter and timetable to see what we are learning this term.  

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