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Chapel Green School

Primary EYFS and KS1 Classes


  Snowdrop Class                                 Bluebell Class


In Snowdrop Class pupils are in nursery, reception and year 1. In Bluebell Class pupils are  in year 1 and year 2.

Across both classrooms, learning is largely play based. Children are supported to join in both child-initiated and adult-led activities. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework forms the basis of our curriculum and is adapted to meet the need of our children.



There are 7 areas of learning in the EYFS curriculum:

 The Prime Areas of Learning:


Communication and Language:

Using a total communication approach we aim to develop a system of communication that works for each individual to enable them to understand and be understood. This may include: objects of reference and on-body signs, photographs and symbols, core boards and PECS as well as Signalong. We develop language through play, songs, sharing stories and intensive interaction.




Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED):

PSED is embedded within our daily activities and routines. Our pupils are taught the skills to support their emotional regulation so that they are ready to access the curriculum and become independent learners. We support the pupils to begin to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others to start developing positive relationships with others.




Physical Development:

 We provide a progressive curriculum which starts with sensory exploration to develop a child's strength, co-ordination and positional awareness. Our curriculum then builds on gross and fine motor skills through everyday play and specialist activities such as rebound therapy, hydrotherapy and the MOVE programme.



 The Specific Areas of learning:


Promoting a life long love of reading is at the centre of our curriculum. We have an inviting book and role play corner in which we share stories and encourage the children to explore these stories in their play. We adapt and personalise books and create multisensory literacy experiences to engage and develop literacy skills. Songs and rhymes play a fundamental part of language and literacy development and so have a vital role in our everyday play. We engage in regular literacy events such as World Book Day and National Storytelling Week in which we invite parents/ carers to come in and join us. We encourage the development of early writing skills through fun and engaging sensory activities developing gross and fine motor skills for future writing success.



We have established a high quality learning environment which provides opportunities to explore different aspects of number and shape, space and measure. We adapt materials and activities to suit each individual. We develop the children's understanding of time, sequence and patterns with predictable routines rich in maths. We explore numbers through games, rhymes books, stories and play.



Understanding the World:

Understanding the world provides children with the opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge to help them make sense of the world. We provide multisensory experiences to explore natural environments and resources and develop understanding in a context which is relevant to the child. We also support the children to explore the wider environment and community and the people within it.



 Expressive Arts and Design:

We provide opportunity for children to communicate and express themselves creatively by presenting the children with a wide range of media and materials to explore and play with. This can start with sensory exploration  with materials such as shaving foam, playdough and paint. We develop the children's confidence in using different tools such as sponges, rollers and brushes to create pieces of artwork. We explore texture, colour mixing and creating to different pieces of music. Music is at the centre of our creative expression as we explore movement to music and making sounds with everyday objects and instruments.