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Pupil Progress

Challenging targets are agreed by all those supporting the child and where appropriate the child themselves at the Annual Review of their Education, Health and Care Plan.

The targets aim to break down barriers to learning and maximise opportunities for living independent, fulfilling lives in the future.

Annual review targets are broken down and addressed through 'Pupil Profiles (PP's)' which are reviewed termly and are a key element in teacher planning. These documents take into account student voice, professionals working with an individual and any bespoke provision they have.

We use a wide range of approaches to assess and record pupil progress, this includes:

  • Ongoing teacher recording and assessment on Earwig Academic. This is where staff assess core curriculum areas and record learning for all curriculum areas. 
  • Class folder paper-based assessments such as Phonics and High Frequency Words. 
  • Annual Review / 'Pupil Profile' progress and evidence of pupils overcoming barriers is recorded on Earwig. 
  • Moderated curricular assessment to ensure consistency across assessments. 
  • National Tests (where appropriate). 
  • Accredited assessments and exams (KS3+). 

We always have high expectations and want each and every student to maximise their life opportunities. This will be, in many cases, very individual to each student and each path may look slightly different. Therefore, not every student of the same age will be completing the same assessments. 

Priorities include developing:

  • Effective and motivated communicators (Total Communication approach).
  • Independent young people (Personally, Socially, Emotionally).
  • Confident, engaged young people who take enjoyment from their achievements. 

Please see below our assessments models, overviews and Curriculum Data:


Key stage 2 and Key Stage 4 Department for Education results 

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